2nd Annual Miso Costume Contest!

26 Oct

Candy, costumes, and a Miso Halloween Contest! Halloween is approaching and Miso wants you to participate in our 2nd annual Miso Costume Contest starting Wednesday, October 26th!

How do you enter?
It’s easy! To enter into the contest, dress up as your favorite TV or movie character (or actor/actress) and post a photo of your costume on the Miso Facebook wall.

The photos with the most likes, wins. So ask all your friends and fellow Misoers to “like” your costume. Post and vote for your favorite costumes before Thursday, November 3rd at 11:59 PM PST. We will select winners the following Friday! 🙂

Prizes! First place winner receives a $50 Amazon gift certificate and Miso T-shirt and stickers! Second and third place winner each receive a spiffy Miso T-shirt and stickers as well.

Our Top 3 Winners from 2010! (Joan from Mad Men, Shrek, and Mrs. Jessica Rabbit)

For more info, check out the contest rules here.
Happy watching and Happy Miso-ween!

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