SideShow Showcase: Sass, Gifs, and SNL, Oh My!

24 Feb

Welcome to another edition of our weekly SideShow Showcase! Where we celebrate the abundance of creative second screen experiences being made by television fans like you, using our Miso SideShow platform.

To start off, we wanted to highlight some of the submissions we have received for the Game of Thrones SideShow Challenge!  Check out a selection of cards from our numerous entries:

The first card is from Cody‘s SideShow for “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things,” which is chock-full of both knowledge of the Game of Thrones universe, as well as sass.  The second card is from Mandy‘s SideShow for “The Wolf and the Lion,” which has all sorts of fun trivia about the show.  The last card is from Emily‘s SideShow for the episode “A Golden Crown,” which is just an all-around excellent SideShow to watch with the episode.

Remember, it’s not to late to accept the Challenge and earn the chance to earn the title of Hedge Knight or the more lucrative Sworn Sword! Head over to our Game of Thrones Challenge page to get started!

The next SideShow we have to showcase is for this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live from dinoray.  Dino’s SideShow had it all, including the best jokes, SNL History, and additional pop culture trivia!

If you like Dino’s Saturday Night Live SideShows, you should definitely check out his SideShows for other gut-busting comedies including Portlandia, Happy Endings, Eastbound and Down, and Community!

For our last SideShow this week, we have chosen to highlight Karma’s SideShow for everyone’s favorite love story told in reverse, How I Met Your Mother.

This has been a pretty heavy season for the gang, but Barney’s shenanigans has of course been up to the same shenanigans.  Karma links to a hilarious gif, recounts awesome quotes, and even provides a sense of clarity for Ted and his future wife.

That’s it for this week’s Showcase.  Think you have what it takes to be featured here?  Sign up to make your own SideShows!  We’ll be here, same time, same place, but until then… Peace, love, and TV!


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