White Collar Superfans: Characters Welcome

28 Feb

The season finale of White Collar is going out with an even bigger bang! For the first time ever, four superfans, Mary, Shannon, Chie and Joshua, will be partnering with Miso & USA to be a part of the official White Collar SideShow. They’ve chosen their all-time favorite White Collar scenes, and will be sharing them with other fans!

What makes you a Character?

Mary: My friends often say I’m like a walking encyclopedia or iPhone as I can usually tell the best places for Happy Hour or general information, trivia about things, or recall our conversations from years past.
Chie: I am a character with many hats – a mom, wife, daughter, sister and a friend.
Shannon: I’m organized and for some reason I have a crush on a certain ex-con….and it’s not Neal….(shout out to Mozzie!)

Joshua: My quirky sense of humor and I always have a smile on my face

Don’t forget to grab a front seat to all the action with Peter, Neal, Mozzie and the rest of the gang on Tuesday, February 28th at 10pm E/P with the White Collar SideShow on Miso for iPhone and relive your favorite moments of the show with your fellow fans!


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