February’s Top Shows on Miso!

1 Mar

With February now a thing of the past, we looked back to find the most popular shows for Miso users.  Let’s count down the most checked-in shows for the month February!

10. Starting off the list at #10 is teen drama Gossip Girl. Now in its fifth season, the show celebrated its 100th episode at the end of January and continues to pick up steam. What’s next for the show? We’ll never tell. XO XO Gossip Miso.
9. Moving down two places from last month is Modern Family. The show added to its long list of special guest stars with a guest spot by Greg Kinnear.  Past guest include: David Cross, Edward Norton, Nathan Lane, Shelley Long, Benjamin Bratt, and Fred Willard.  Hopefully this list continues to grow.
8. Moving up two spaces from last month is medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, in its eighth season.  Dr. McDreamy, also known as Patrick Dempsey, has openly stated this is his last season with the series so it seems big things are in store for the rest of the season.
7. Debuting on the top ten at #7 is the adorkable New Girl.  With a few more episodes under its belt, the show continues to get more hilarious because… Schmidt Happens.
6. A perennial Miso favorite, Glee takes #6 on the list.  With much of the cast graduating from McKinley High this year, make sure to tune in before its too late!
5. At the #5 spot is science fiction FBI series Fringe. Moving down from #3 last month, it is still nice to see an under-appreciated, Friday night show so high. But then again, in a parallel universe, Fringe could be #1 on the list…
4. Up a spot from January, Alcatraz continues to impress in its debut season.  The episode “Guy Hastings” was the seventh most watched episode this month.  Let’s see if it can continue this trend for March as well!
3. Moving down a spot to #3 is How I Met Your Mother.  The show has spent the majority of the seventh season tying up story lines of seasons past, marking landmarks for each of the characters. With the season culminating to Barney’s wedding to a mystery bride, big things are in store for MacLaren’s favorite regulars.
2. Taking a commanding presence on the top ten is the return of The Walking Dead at #2.  Absent from January due to a midseason hiatus, the show made a huge impact with episodes “Nebraska” and “Triggerfinger” coming out as the two most viewed episodes of any show for February.  With the show renewed for a third season, perhaps this is just the beginning for the show’s dominance.
1. No surprises here. The Big Bang Theory is the most checked-in show on Miso for the second month straight.  The number one comedy on Thursday nights, the show featured FOUR episodes in the top 10 most viewed episodes with no signs of letting up.

Here’s what else was hot on Miso in February:

Top Movies of February:

Top TV Events of February:

Other Top Shows Outside of the Top 10 for February:


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