SideShow Showcase: And On The Seventh Day, God Watched Big Bang Theory

2 Mar

This week’s SideShow Showcase features zombies, a particularly famous bachelor, and a divine entity (we’re an inclusive bunch here at Miso). Let’s get to it!

First up is the Big Man himself, God. God’s got a pretty busy schedule, but on Thursday, he likes to kick his feet up, pull out his iPhone, and enjoy half-hour episodes of his favorite creations. Check out God’s commentary on last week’s Big Bang Theory!

God certainly has a sense of humor. Be sure to check out God’s SideShows for his other favorite show: The Office!

The next SideShow to highlight is Kate’s coverage of The Bachelor. Her quote cards documenting the emotional journey of love are as beautiful and pure as the intentions of the show’s contestants. Maybe that was a bad analogy.

Welcome back Chad to the Showcase. His SideShows for The Walking Dead are easily the most popular SideShows on all of Miso – if you haven’t yet, you should definitely check them out. This week, Chad offered up all of the ethical quandaries and high-pressure decision-making that comes with the Zombie Apocalypse to you, as you watch. Fortunately, you can make life-and-death decisions from the comfort of your couch, but if the day ever comes…you’ll be ready.

Chad also makes SideShows for Archer, so if you’re in to that sort of thing, be sure to investigate them.

That’s it for this week’s Showcase! Are your creative juices flowing yet? Sign up to start making your own SideShows! See you next Friday with some more fun SideShow cards, and until then, happy watching!


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