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Dijit Media acquires Miso

1 Feb

After 3 years of building and pioneering experiences that make TV watching more social and more fun, we are excited to announce that Miso is being acquired by Dijit Media, the makers of NextGuide.  Over the last few years, we have innovated, experimented, and pushed forth the vision for the social TV and second screen markets.  We think back to introducing experiences like “check-in” to TV, pioneering synchronized “second screen” TV watching, we have been fortunate to work with such a vibrant community to make Miso a definitive brand in the “future of TV” industry. Thank you.

We’re so happy to have found a great home for Miso where our site, app, and community can continue to thrive.  Dijit will continue to maintain and operate Miso’s site, our apps, and SideShows.  We will be shutting down Quips.

We could never have made it this far without our amazing community.  There are a lot of people to be thankful for but it starts with you all – our users, our fans, and our advocates.  Thank you for tweeting and being with us from the very beginning.  We are excited to see what Dijit does with Miso and continue innovating.

Happy TV Watching,

Somrat & Tim

Co-founders, Miso


Mirror, mirror on the wall: What’s your favorite card of them all?

13 Feb
Calling all Once Upon A Time fanatics! You are on the spotlight for this week’s SideShow card contest! One lucky winner could win an enchanting basket full of Once Upon A Time merchandise!
Join the fun!

  • Contest starts on Monday, 2/13 and ends on Sunday, 2/19  at 11:59pm PT
  • Pick your favorite SideShow cards from any Once Upon A Time SideShow on iPhone
  • Share the card to Twitter with hashtag #misoOUAT 
  • One lucky winner will be announced the following Monday on the @gomiso Twitter

Here's one our favorite OUAT cards!

Let the SideShow card sharing begin and may your wish of winning that magical basket come true!

Become a SideShow Producer!

9 Feb

Do you LOVE TV? Do your friends turn to you for your insights on shows and celebs? Do you love to share your opinion on the latest plot developments?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, apply to become a SideShow Producer and starting producing your unique second screen channel on iPhone!

Provide your opinions, share your favorite quotes, ask questions, and much more! Now fans can follow YOU while they watch, no matter when they watch!

Create your own show within your favorite shows!

What’s in it for you?

  • Get famous! Your SideShow could be featured on iPhone and web.
  • Gain access to new features on Miso.
  • See metrics of fan interactions to your SideShows.
  • Receive free schwag from Miso and TV networks – and a chance to join exclusive events!

..and that’s just the beginning!

Think you got the chops? Sign-up to become a SideShow Producer NOW! 

We already have lots of talented SideShow Producers. Big shout-out to some of our best: Aline, Nola, Daisy, Chad, Sean, Mary, Matt, Meghan, Nina, Susan & more!

Gleek it Out! Share and WIN!

6 Feb

Attention Gleeks: Show-off your favorite Glee cards for a chance to win sweet prizes!

Miso is hosting a week-long contest where one lucky fan will win a bucket full of Glee gifts (valued at $100 – complete with board games, DVDs, a calendar and much, much more). Share a SideShow Card from Glee and all of this could be yours!

Join the fun! 

  • Contest starts on Monday, 2/6 and ends on Sunday, 2/12 at 11:59pm PT
  • Pick your favorite SideShow cards from any Glee SideShow on iPhone (Example here)
  • Share the card to Twitter with hashtag #misogleek
  • One lucky winner will be announced the following Monday on the @gomiso Twitter 

Want to win free Glee gear? Get your gleek on and start sharing Glee cards today!

Super Bowl 2012: Get your Game On with Hyundai and Miso!

4 Feb

It’s down to the final two after a long journey…so pull up a front seat to the game between the Patriots and Giants during the Hyundai and Miso viewing party! Think the Giants can upset the Patriots…again? Or will the Patriots finally have their revenge?

Be a part of a live Super Bowl XLVI discussion and interactive experience with the Miso SideShow by Hyundai. Share who you think should be the MVP, support your team with fellow fans, provide your commentary on the halftime show by Madonna, and much more!

The Hyundai Super Bowl SideShow provides information and trivia delivered right to your iPhone. Be sure to check back into the SideShow before and during the game for live updates and to socialize during the biggest sporting event of the year.

Who are you rooting for?

Hit the Celebrity Beach Bowl with DIRECTV’s Audience Network and Miso

3 Feb

Ready for the fun and excitement this weekend? DIRECTV’s Audience Network and Miso are counting down the last few days to the Super Bowl and kicking things in high gear on Saturday with the Celebrity Beach Bowl VI!

This year, the event will be hosted in Victory Field, where sports stars like former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana go head-to-head with celebs like Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy. Wondering who else is in? Check out the full roster and tune in with the DIRECTV SideShow on your iPhone for info on all the players, a chance to show your support…or dish about the hottest person on each team (our vote is for Matt Bomer).

Everything starts Saturday at 1pm ET with the pre-game show, hosted by Dan Patrick and Kevin Frazier. Special celebrity guest DJ Pauly D will be there as well as a live performance from The Fray.

Let the games begin!

Winter is Coming…Are You Ready?

2 Feb

Think you have what it takes to usurp the Iron Throne? Do you know more about Westeros than the maesters? HBO and Miso are joining forces to launch the first ever Miso Superfan SideShow Challenge for Game of Thrones. Watch Season 1 replays Thursday nights at 10PM on HBO and create a new experience for fellow fans with Miso SideShows.

With SideShows you can:

  • Provide commentary about key events
  • Capture and share quotes from favorite characters
  • Link to more information including trivia, guest stars, music and more
  • Create fun questions for other fans to answer
Amass your army of friends, family and allies to check out your SideShow on the free Miso iPhone app. HBO will be announcing the official Game of Thrones “Sworn Sword” SideShow for each Season 1 episode on April 1, 2012. Champions will receive recognition across the realm and receive rewards.

Get started here and happy watching!

-The House of Miso

SideShow Producer of the Month: Mary!

1 Feb

We wouldn’t be where we are today without all the awesome people on Miso! Starting this month, we’d like to showcase a member of the community every month that we think is Miso Osim! For January, we have chosen SideShow Producer Mary Moser. Let’s get to know Mary some more!

My name is: Mary Moser

My favorite shows are: Community, Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope, New Girl, and Cougar Town. From past years, my favorites are Daria, My So Called Life, Salute Your Shorts, and Pushing Daisies.

I love TV because: there is so much clever writing out there and some great character actors who make a writer’s character come alive. Just like a good book, a great TV show can make you feel, experience, and understand a different point of view while also, sometimes, laughing at the absurdity that exists in our world.

If I could be a character on TV, I would be…: This is a really tough one because there are lots of lives that would be interesting to live for a day like Emily VanCamp’s vengeful Emily Thorne or Community’s Abed for his unique outlook on life. But, if it was long term, I would be Leslie Knope because she would have a lot of accomplishments, is pretty much always happy, and she’s got a cute boyfriend right now.

My TV crush is: Robert Downey Jr. on Ally McBeal because I can still remember him leaving the Snow Man for Ally and he had such good sparring dialogue. Although, if you asked my teenager self, it would have been Pacey Witter.

You should check out my SideShow because: often times instead of grading papers for my students, I’m working hard on finding connections and thinking of good polling questions for the show that night.

My celebrity doppleganger would be: Janeane Garofalo or Daria.

Thanks so much, Mary! Don’t forget to follow Mary on Miso and on Twitter @mmoser

Think you got the skills, the creativity, and the Miso-ness to be SideShow Producer of the Month? Get started here.

Go Abroad with Science and Miso

21 Jan

Our favorite bloke from England is back and traveling the world…again!

Starting January 21 at 10PM E/P, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are sending Karl Pilkington to the ends of the Earth, and this time it’s to cross things off the ultimate bucket list. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s his list…

Miso and Science have partnered to bring you a special synced experience for EVERY episode of An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List.

Join Karl on his journey and get the ultimate inside view to the idiocy with SideShows on your Miso iPhone app! Travel to Russia by train, swim with dolphins (or sharks), tour the beautiful landscape of Alaska and visit with…ladyboys?

What’s on your bucket list for Karl?

New Updates for Miso at CES 2012

11 Jan

2012 is already off to a great start! We’re excited to announce a new partner in the tech and entertainment industry: Audible Magic, a pioneer in audio content recognition services.

With Audible Magic’s digital fingerprinting technology, Miso will be able to identify live, never-before-seen content on TV as it airs. Adding frame-specific automated content recognition to Miso’s flexible platform expands the ways we can deliver a true synchronized content experience to every TV viewer, and we can’t wait to have it available and ready for use in our iPhone app in the near future. You can find out more information here.

If you’re attending CES 2012, come check out a live demonstration of a prototype of the Miso and the Audible Magic TViD service for yourself. Stop by the Audible Magic booth (73507) in the Bellini Ballroom, on the second floor of the Venetian.

We’re excited as we enter the new era of television, and hope you are too! If you haven’t already, download our free app in the iTunes store.

See you at the show!