Comedy Central & Miso Pay Tribute to “The Mac Man”

17 Feb

Salute one of the original Kings of Comedy, Bernie Mac, with Comedy Central and Miso during the world premiere of I Ain’t Scared Of You – A Tribute to Bernie Mac on Sunday, February 19th at 10pm E/P!

See Bernie Mac like you’ve never seen before and tune in with the Comedy Central SideShow, where you’ll get information and trivia about the star right to your Miso iPhone App. Share your thoughts and pay tribute along with Bernie’s colleagues, friends and family like Cedric the Entertainer, Don Cheadle, Cameron Diaz, Steven Soderbergh and many more.

Most of all, get ready to laugh along to Bernie’s warm wit and impressive antics and celebrate his legacy.


Mirror, mirror on the wall: What’s your favorite card of them all?

13 Feb
Calling all Once Upon A Time fanatics! You are on the spotlight for this week’s SideShow card contest! One lucky winner could win an enchanting basket full of Once Upon A Time merchandise!
Join the fun!

  • Contest starts on Monday, 2/13 and ends on Sunday, 2/19  at 11:59pm PT
  • Pick your favorite SideShow cards from any Once Upon A Time SideShow on iPhone
  • Share the card to Twitter with hashtag #misoOUAT 
  • One lucky winner will be announced the following Monday on the @gomiso Twitter

Here's one our favorite OUAT cards!

Let the SideShow card sharing begin and may your wish of winning that magical basket come true!

Celebrate the 54th Annual Grammy Awards with Hyundai and Miso!

11 Feb

It’s time again for music’s biggest night: the Grammys! Join the Hyundai and Miso viewing party for a night filled with music, extravagant performances, and glamorous fashion. Be in the midst of the action when the big winners take home the most gramophones for the night.

What will Lady Gaga surprise us with this year? Who will win the most awards between Kanye West, Adele and Bruno Mars? Or, which performance are you looking forward to the most…Rihanna or Chris Brown? Discuss your thoughts during the live Grammy Awards discussion and interactive experience with the Hyundai Live SideShow. You can receive interesting trivia and much more delivered right to your iPhone.

Don’t forget to check back in to the SideShow before and during the event for live updates and behind the scenes information during the biggest night in the music industry!

Become a SideShow Producer!

9 Feb

Do you LOVE TV? Do your friends turn to you for your insights on shows and celebs? Do you love to share your opinion on the latest plot developments?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, apply to become a SideShow Producer and starting producing your unique second screen channel on iPhone!

Provide your opinions, share your favorite quotes, ask questions, and much more! Now fans can follow YOU while they watch, no matter when they watch!

Create your own show within your favorite shows!

What’s in it for you?

  • Get famous! Your SideShow could be featured on iPhone and web.
  • Gain access to new features on Miso.
  • See metrics of fan interactions to your SideShows.
  • Receive free schwag from Miso and TV networks – and a chance to join exclusive events!

..and that’s just the beginning!

Think you got the chops? Sign-up to become a SideShow Producer NOW! 

We already have lots of talented SideShow Producers. Big shout-out to some of our best: Aline, Nola, Daisy, Chad, Sean, Mary, Matt, Meghan, Nina, Susan & more!

Scripting the Best Predictions for Scripted TV

7 Feb

With Miso SideShows, we’re creating a place for fans to comment with their shows tagged to the exact moment of what they want to talk about. No more spoilers, no more lost discussions.

After publishing our breakthrough study on the second-screen space last year, we launched the SideShow platform in September 2011, so fans could enjoy an improved way to socialize and share around the television programs they watch. This sort of experience had never been done before, so Miso was venturing into uncharted grounds. Now that we’re a little older and a little wiser, we’d like to share with you some of our findings regarding what makes the most successful SideShow content.

One of the things we expected is that fans would love the opportunity to predict what comes next – no longer would they reduce themselves to shouting at their TV set. Most of the time, we were proved right: fans loved voting on possible future outcomes and sharing their opinions about them. There are times, though, where prompts for predictions went eerily quiet. What caused the disparity in fan engagement between one prediction card and another? We’ve dove into SideShows created for serial dramas to see what makes fans want to lean forward and interact with scripted TV.

The Power of Pick Ems

Early in the platform, it became clear that Pick Em votes were the most common interaction, having the most amount of fun for the least amount of effort. What we didn’t expect, however, was that Pick Ems could also have some of the most comments and social shares, given the right situation. When Pick Ems offer a chance to predict an important future outcome without constraining the viewer into an overly-specific response, commenting and sharing went through the roof. These “Two-Part Pick Ems,” which explicitly ask for an answer and implicitly ask for an explanation, are the most successful type of card for prompting predictions from viewers.

You’ll notice that the answers to these Pick Ems from Dexter are actually pretty unspecific. They don’t over-explain any option or expect specific predictions, instead, they’re essentially a binary response. But by simply covering the spectrum of responses with Pick Em options, they offer the opportunity to elaborate. For example, instead of asking “What will happen to Quinn?” and giving answers that include a variety of scenarios, the card asks “Are Quinn’s days at Miami Metro Homicide numbered?”, which identifies the specific dramatic tension that is prompting the question to begin with, molds it into a yes or no question, and then invites speculation as to how or why.

The fluidity of these second level interactions is what makes these Pick Ems more effective than open-ended questions. Instead of prompting with an open-ended prediction question, or a Pick Em with pre-speculated choices, the Two-Part Pick Em provides simple answers while stimulating creative responses. They maintain the ease of the Pick Em format, while the increased investment of commenting leads to more sharing. As a result, Two-Part Pick Ems could be expected to receive 43% more votes and 36% more shares than a prediction Pick Em that provides specific answers.

Timing is Everything

The other important quality of a successful prediction card is when in an episode it occurs. What we found from serial dramas is that viewers prefer to predict about episodic plot arcs, which develop early in the episodes. Prediction Pick Ems occurring early in the exposition and rising action of an episode, like this example from The Walking Dead, receive four times as many votes and shares than those during the climax or resolution.

The importance of this contextual factor leads to several content-related questions. For one, if viewers prefer prediction cards earlier in an episode, does that mean they prefer to predict episode plot arcs as opposed to episode-ending cliffhangers? Not necessarily. Prediction cards regarding serial/season plot arcs that occur at the end of an episode can be very successful. However, after the climax and resolution, at the end of an episode, the most important card to include is a place to give the viewers the opportunity to leave reactions. In fact, open-ended cliffhanger prediction cards often turn into reactions, completely ignoring the question!

Care About All The Characters

Finally, we hypothesized that fans would care more about predicting the fate of the main characters and of the central plot, than of auxiliary characters and insignificant subplots, but were surprised to discover that prediction Pick Ems that regarded the central plot and characters were nearly indiscernible from the rest. That is to say, when it comes to prediction Pick Ems, viewers are not picky.

Take these cards from Dexter. We believed that the most successful Pick Ems would be about the A-plot, Dexter hunting Travis. After all, if you were chatting about the show at the water-cooler, more likely than not, you would share your predictions about the primary plot. Yet prediction Pick Ems regarding Quinn and Batistas’ office conflict, or Deb, LaGuerta, and Matthews’ power struggles, all got comparable interactions and shares. That means the success of prediction cards is not determined by what they ask, but how they ask it.

The Three Tips for Prediction Pick Ems

  • The best practice for implementing prediction cards is to identify the dramatic element that is being predicted about, and form a Pick Em question in a way that can be answered with clear, simple choices.
  • Ask for predictions early in an episode, and offer places to share reactions at the end.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about any part of the story!

We hope you enjoyed our study on prediction prompts for scripted TV. Join us at Miso as we explore the vast opportunities of second screen content. Until next time, happy creating!

Gleek it Out! Share and WIN!

6 Feb

Attention Gleeks: Show-off your favorite Glee cards for a chance to win sweet prizes!

Miso is hosting a week-long contest where one lucky fan will win a bucket full of Glee gifts (valued at $100 – complete with board games, DVDs, a calendar and much, much more). Share a SideShow Card from Glee and all of this could be yours!

Join the fun! 

  • Contest starts on Monday, 2/6 and ends on Sunday, 2/12 at 11:59pm PT
  • Pick your favorite SideShow cards from any Glee SideShow on iPhone (Example here)
  • Share the card to Twitter with hashtag #misogleek
  • One lucky winner will be announced the following Monday on the @gomiso Twitter 

Want to win free Glee gear? Get your gleek on and start sharing Glee cards today!

Super Bowl 2012: Get your Game On with Hyundai and Miso!

4 Feb

It’s down to the final two after a long journey…so pull up a front seat to the game between the Patriots and Giants during the Hyundai and Miso viewing party! Think the Giants can upset the Patriots…again? Or will the Patriots finally have their revenge?

Be a part of a live Super Bowl XLVI discussion and interactive experience with the Miso SideShow by Hyundai. Share who you think should be the MVP, support your team with fellow fans, provide your commentary on the halftime show by Madonna, and much more!

The Hyundai Super Bowl SideShow provides information and trivia delivered right to your iPhone. Be sure to check back into the SideShow before and during the game for live updates and to socialize during the biggest sporting event of the year.

Who are you rooting for?

SideShow Showcase: Manic Pixie Dream Cards!

3 Feb

Another week, another SideShow Showcase!  Let’s take a look at what this week has to offer!

First we have Matthew’s SideShow for everyone’s favorite adorkable New Girl. He drops a bit of knowledge with the card about common archetype Manic Pixie Dream Girls. Who knew that we had a bunch of Miso film scholars!

If you love Matthew’s New Girl SideShows, be sure to check out his SideShows for a different show every night. Some of our favorites include the iconic cartoon family, The Simpsons and the new Science fiction drama Alcatraz.

The next accolade-worthy SideShow is Toiya’s, for Fringe.  Toiya opens our eyes to the paranormal with her SideShow, as she uncovers the true nature of the universe around us. Her Pick ‘Em questions turn the show’s deep philosophical questions back on the audience and leads us to ponder the mysteries of life (whoa, heavy).

If you like Fringe, definitely check out where it draws influence with the classics The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, Altered States, and Dark Angel.

Rounding out this week’s SideShow collection is Michael’s SideShow for Californication.  Michael draws some awesome Quote cards truly capturing quick and witty writing with some of the more sarcastic dialogue of the show.

So that calls it for this week’s Showcase! Are you inspired? Think you are up for a challenge? Sign up to start making your own SideShows! Next Friday, we will be coming at you with even more fun SideShow cards, but and until then, happy watching!

Hit the Celebrity Beach Bowl with DIRECTV’s Audience Network and Miso

3 Feb

Ready for the fun and excitement this weekend? DIRECTV’s Audience Network and Miso are counting down the last few days to the Super Bowl and kicking things in high gear on Saturday with the Celebrity Beach Bowl VI!

This year, the event will be hosted in Victory Field, where sports stars like former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana go head-to-head with celebs like Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy. Wondering who else is in? Check out the full roster and tune in with the DIRECTV SideShow on your iPhone for info on all the players, a chance to show your support…or dish about the hottest person on each team (our vote is for Matt Bomer).

Everything starts Saturday at 1pm ET with the pre-game show, hosted by Dan Patrick and Kevin Frazier. Special celebrity guest DJ Pauly D will be there as well as a live performance from The Fray.

Let the games begin!

Winter is Coming…Are You Ready?

2 Feb

Think you have what it takes to usurp the Iron Throne? Do you know more about Westeros than the maesters? HBO and Miso are joining forces to launch the first ever Miso Superfan SideShow Challenge for Game of Thrones. Watch Season 1 replays Thursday nights at 10PM on HBO and create a new experience for fellow fans with Miso SideShows.

With SideShows you can:

  • Provide commentary about key events
  • Capture and share quotes from favorite characters
  • Link to more information including trivia, guest stars, music and more
  • Create fun questions for other fans to answer
Amass your army of friends, family and allies to check out your SideShow on the free Miso iPhone app. HBO will be announcing the official Game of Thrones “Sworn Sword” SideShow for each Season 1 episode on April 1, 2012. Champions will receive recognition across the realm and receive rewards.

Get started here and happy watching!

-The House of Miso